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praise forIntelligence

“Currently airing in 140 countries, Intelligence just might be one of the best dramas on TV…The cinematography, the sound, the editing, the music – this is how music is supposed to be used in a TV drama – are all first class”.

ALEX STRACHAN, Ottawa Citizen

praise forNo Clue

“Composer Schaun Tozer created a beautiful soundtrack that evokes an atmosphere of the film noir genre with a modern action movie edge.”


praise forThe Quality of Life

“The final note is musical. Composer Schaun Tozer, who has worked on all of Haddock’s major projects, has created an outstanding musical score. His melodies underscore the movie’s dramatic tension and bring it to a compelling crescendo. The way the film has been edited lets the music’s power and cadence complete it as a piece of art.”


praise forIntelligence


JOHN DOYLE, Globe and Mail 

praise forNo Clue

“… beautifully shot and coupled with the always brilliant work of Composer Schaun Tozer, who gave us the grime-filled music for the Vancouver based TV series Da Vinci’s Inquest and Intelligence, as well as music for the film Hard Core Logo, you have all you need for a modern day noir.”

JAMES C, Renegade Cinema

praise forFacing Ali

“The standout original music of Schaun Tozer underscores an already compelling film.”

Seattle International Film Festival, 2009 

praise forIntelligence

“From Vancouver’s mean streets to its high-rise offices, Intelligence’s gritty realism is accented by Schaun Tozer’s moody score and cutting-edge alt-rock soundtrack.”


praise forIntelligence

Down But Not Out … a frenetic conclusion, all to a pulsating soundtrack by series composer Schaun Tozer.”

TV Review

praise forIntelligence

“… an exotic fantasy garden of intriguing sounds… The style with which this series (Intelligence) is presented gives it an addictive quality, and a big part of that is the musical score by Schaun Tozer (Facing Ali). One can tend to take that for granted, because it is so well blended with the action, cutting in and out, heightening suspenseful scenes, and disappearing at times. The intriguing “instruments” (what’s the new word?) are a new breed of cat, sometimes sounding like a Sitar, and in this episode there is a sequence of what sounds like keyboard repetitive chording, a la Phillip Glass, but this was more interesting and melodic than that. Altogether, this episode was a standout for the musical score. The main theme of the series, by the “Sitar” as I call it, got a swinging percussive treatment that literally had me up on my feet dancing.”

MADELINE BRUCE, Canadian Dimension Magazine, Intelligent Commentary: Episode 8

praise forIntelligence

“The series is scored by Schaun Tozer. His alt-rock soundtrack is unique and fits the scenes perfectly. Additionally, at no point did I notice the volume of the music over-ride the dialogue, as tends to be the case in many series. The score adds to the viewer’s experience of the story considerably. Very smart.”